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Sugar is a group of sweet substances which is a source of fuel for the body. Regarded as safe and versatile, sugar adds sweetness, texture, flavour, colour and preservative properties to many different foods and beverages.

The excessive intake of sugars is associated with unhealthy diets and with an increased risk of certain illnesses and conditions and public health authorities now recommend an overall reduction in one’s intake of sugars. A large number of consumers nowadays seek to manage their sugar intake, as part of a healthier lifestyle and a more balanced diet.

As a marketing-led organisation, our Group listens carefully to consumers and is attentive to evolving preferences and trends. Farsons’ extensive range of products across both food and beverage categories includes many different options which allow consumers to select products which are relevant to their own needs and their family’s requirements. This applies to both our own brands as well as brands which we import and distribute in Malta.

Our own flagship carbonated beverage Kinnie, is available in a number of variants which include, besides Kinnie regular, the no-sugar, zero-calorie Diet Kinnie and Kinnie Zest, and the latest variant launched, mid-cal version, Kinnie Vita, which offers the same great Kinnie taste and the benefit of half the sugar and calories of a regular soft drink. Moreover, it contains no artificial sweeteners, as it is naturally sweetened using a blend of sugar and stevia leaf extract.

Looking ahead, we envisage a growing trend for such ‘Better for You’ products in many categories, and are committed to meeting these needs through product innovation and development.